SEL-380-RTV Unleaded Double Wave Soldering Machine
       (Hot Air Circulating Preheat System)
Energy Saving and Environment Protection Soldering Machine



Machine Size:3500mm(L) x 1400mm(W) x Conveyor Speed auto Compensate(with PCB):auto detect and adjust  
   1600mm(H) speed makes conveyor speed more stable.
Machine Weigth:2000kgs  Convenient power motor operation and digital display for conveyor
Conveyor Height:lnlet height 850 ±50mm    width, conveyor height and solder pot height
   Outlet height 1050mm ±50 mm Heat Insulation:Double layer machine body and heat insulation material
Conveyor Rail:3800 mm ,lnlet Chain:250 mm,    to prevent heat from leaking for energy saving and environment
   Total lenght :4110 mm    protection
Finger Cleaner:10~15 Wmotor(Japan Made) 10" touch monitor with 400 sets memory
Outlet Fan:20~25 Wmotor    
Power adjust solder pot level<eletrical control to
   move the pot in and out for maintenance.
Solder Pot Size:845mm(L) x 460mm(W)
   x 275mm (H)
Pre-heater:Independent Control three sections
   preheater for Hot Air Circulating,temperature
   setting and air speed. Total length:1800mm
Temperature stable and even. Cover with heat
   insulation cloth to avoid heat leaking and reduce
   power consumption
Specifications \ Model
Preheater Conveyor Speed
Conveyor Angle
4.3°∼ 6.5°
Power Consumption
3 Ø 220V(2KWx6≒24A) x 3sets 3 Ø 380V(2KWx6≒18A) x 3sets
Temperature Control
SSR control,PID Calculation
Air Speed
Digital frequency converter control
Temperature Range
Solder Pot Power Consumption
3 Ø 220V (8.1KW≒22A)  3 Ø 380V(8.1KW≒13A)
Temperature Control
SSR control,PID Calculation
Temperature Range
Flow Width
Flow Height
Solder Capacity
Flow Height Adjustment
Digital frequency Converter Control