All spare parts, machined by CNC working machie,are exchangeable and can be fully compatile with all different models. Cost can be saved and parts shorage can be avoided.
With multi-layer powder paint, machine body is compact and beautiful. The newly designed exhaust hood prevents tin fume dispersion to avoid air pollution.
With special thermal resistance treatment, the aluminum alloy track can avoid deformation and allows the machine use longer.
The level of the machine can be made by just adjusting track angle forward or backward without having to stop operation of the machine.
The guiding channel finishedy by cast iron ensures no deformation; Easy to dismantle and maintain.
Using advanced spiral turbulence tin wave and mirror wave, SMD components can be soldered precisely and perfectly.
Latest OMEGA'S wave generator can generate very good capability of accessing compact components,ensures good soldering result.
Meltimg time is about 100 minutes.
Heater:220V AC, 380V 1,2kw~2kw x 12pcs,programmable to 2 or 3 temperature control zone.
Using high-pressure pump enables the in flow stable, less oxidizing.
Moreover, the spraying nozzle angle allows making a minute adjustment.
The specially designed tin pot allows 3-dimensional heating and ensures no tin burst. Safe and easy to maintain.
Using high quality German-made ceramic tube to dry PCB under constant temperature. By using the two-staged pre-heating tube, temperature can be controlled depending on PCB size, thus energy can be saved.
Solder pot can be easily move out by spiral g earing system. It is easy to do maintenance.
Width control system is using isolated spirl gear which is easy to maintain.
SCR controller reading accuracy is within ±10°C
Electronic feedback control measure that the motor is off before reaching the setting temperature.
The thinner stored in acid-resistant stainless tank is used for cleaning fingers.
The thinner flow can be controlled by regulation valve and it ensures not to cause any pollution of PCB.
To ensure out product quality,90% of the parts is locally manufacture by out internal plant.
All out solder wave machine have already successful in lead free soldering process.

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