This model conforms to Lead-Free technological quality.

Inlet height 800mm ±50mm,Outlet height 1200mm ±50mm
Conveyor rail:4000mm
Solder pot:1050(L)×470(W)×275(H)mm
Pre-heater: One sets ,12pcs ceramic tube two sections control , total length2160mm (if equipped with built in flux sprayer , total lenght 1900mm)
One set of heater fan
PCB size:400mm(max)
Built in 10" touch screen control panel.

*Preheater and solder pot temperatures record can be shown in curve.

*Additional built in traditional control panel.( PLC )

Type / Model SELL-400-CTV
42.9KW 3φ or 1φ 220 V 115Aor380V68A
Production 8 Hours 2,000 PCS
PCB Size 250 × 300 mm
Conveyor Speed 0~2400 mm / min.
Tiliting Angle 5°~6.5°
Bubble Flux Tank Flux Capacity 8L
Air Pressure 1.5Kg/cm2
Preheater Power Consumption 18KW,220V 47A or 380V 27A
Temperature Range 0°C~599°C
Heater Fan Power Consumption 1KW×6
Temperature Range 0°C~220°C
Solder Pot Power Consumption 13.8KW
Temperature Range 0°C~399°C
Nozzle 0~400mm
Flow Height 0~12mm
Solder Capacity about 450 Kgs
Motor Germany-made 1/4hp×2
Weight Approx.2,500 Kgs

Temperature record can be shown in a curve indicating the real-time temperature of the pot and is past of preheat.
The angle of elevation can be adjusted by touching when PCBs are carried on the track.(The angle can be shown.)
Progammable temperature control by P/D operation.
Use an energy-save electrically device to adjust soldering pot level.
Electrically control to move the pot in and out; easy maintenance.
Electrically control the width to fit PCB.
The infrared temperature sensor can detect the temperature at the bottom of PCB, which will be shown on the monitor, before soldering.
This ensures soldering quality.
A conveyor in the entry is designed to carry PCB, preventing PCBs from falling down.
Preset space for any type of sprayer.(Only 450-CTV)