Withut using such accessories as air compressor, hith-pressure pump spray nozzle, roller or turbo motor, this patented design allows perfect soldering. When flux is fully absorbed by solenoid valve, it will become foggy fter it is struck by the high-speed swirling water drops sprayedfrom the rolling plates.Also, the special-desing outlet can make coating very even and solder can penetrate even the rougest part pin easily, eliminating suchproblems as intersection andoverection and overlapping. A stable furnace can be a plus for best soldering effect.

Spray pressure and spray outlet can be adjusted based on PCB size. The 4 sets of spry outlet also can allow independent operation as per PCB size and thus flux can be saved.

The striking of water drops makes foggy dffect allowing excessive gas easily extracted by ventilator workers at the site. In addition, a filter installed inside of the ventilator can screen won't feel uncomfortable sold content of flux,preventing the air conditioning system from being polluted.

This sophisticated macine designed not to use high-pressure spray nozzle can prevent flux crystal which acn cause blockage. By using this design, cleaning or replacing nozzle becomes needless.

Type \ Model
AC 220V,1ψ,50/60 Hz
Control Box
650mm(L) x400mm(W) x1000mm(H)
Flux Container
650mm(L) x260mm(W) x350mm(H)
PBC Size
Solvent Tank
about 11L
about 90 Kgs