• Can work with any thpe of solder furnace , or conveyor, replacing traditional foam tank.
  • The potical sensor equipped with the machine can detect the width, length of PCB,soldering line speed,thus can prevent over-use flux.
  • Unique spray allows flux in spiral fog shape and make soldering on PCB very even. It not only enhance flux effect, but also can eliminate defects usually found in traditional foam or roller type of solder tank.
  • Unique design can help save flux consumption by 40%, in comparison with foam or roller type of solder tank, reducing manufacturing cost.
  • With environment-friendly design, the soldering can be made without residue; No extra cost for waste treatment and decreasing cost.
  • Auto process and compact display allow workers, even without training, operate easily.
  • The required air pressure is only 3K, plus pressure-loss protection, allows constant operation without interruption and makes soldering flux on PCB very even.
  • Strict quality control and testing before shipment, easy to maintain.

Type \ Model
AC 110~240V 50~60Hz
Air Pressure
500L/min. at 4~5 bar
Spray Nozzle Stroke
20~400 mm
Sprayer Capacity
5~10 L
Spray Pressure
Min 0.3Kg/cm2~1Kg/cm2
Virtual Spray Width
400 mm
Size in Apperance
720(L) x 350(W) x 200(H) mm
Control Box Size
310(L) x 210(W) x 160(H) mm