SE-100-SST Servo Travelling Shut-off Flux Sprayer


Auto detect starting sensor for servo flux spraying

6" touch monitor and control system

Stainless steel air shut-off type nozzle BETE
  XAEF100(One Stet)
Spraying width:nozzle spraying maximum width can
  reach to 400mm
Spraying mode adopted SMC prwssure reducer auto
  adjustment.High accurate flux flow controller
  convert to air shut-off nozzle flow and produce
  highly atomized sprays
Nozzle stucture:Internal mix set-ups with air shut-
  off special structure theory, precise metering of the
  flux flow rate in mg/cm2
Wiring auto control system one set (with non-flow
   Pressure FLUX Tank
  alarm function)
Detect mode:Photo sensor auto detection.
Spraying control: control by micro computer with
  auto nozzle cleaning system
All air devices using Japan made SMC parts.
  Programmable controller with encoder system.
  Program setting suited to the PCB width and
  suitable flux flow of spraying
One set 6" touch monitor
One set servo motor
One set nozzle sliding rail
One set SICK photo sensor and encoder
One set pressure flux tank 10~15L
One set pressure reducer value SMC ITV2010-CS23
One set high accurate flux flow contooller SNN 503
Stainless steel air shut-off nezzle
  GSP Can detect flux flow rate per minute
One set flux level alarm system
Machine size:720(L) x 350(W) x 200(H) mm
AC110-240V 50-60Hz
Air Pressure:4-6Kg
Machine weight:90Kg
Accurate control of nozzle, reduce flux pollution to
Digital control of flux flow rate, stabilize atomizing
  to avoid humanity fault.
Easy maintenance