Unleaded Solder Waste Recycling Machine


( Patent ) Inmitation is prohibited
Humanity safety control, emergency stop switch , safety lid for inlet & etc 
Sensor detected or manual drain solder mode
Reclaim 80% of recycling solder from waste, save cost effectively.
Machine movable design , easy for maintenance
Weekly timer control
Temperature control:with SCR & PID control.

Solder waste heated at the inlet before entering the disposer process
Equipped with auto/manual valve for recycling solder


Specificatons \ Model SE-688-SD
Power Source AC220V/380V 3 Ø
Total Power 13Kw
Solder Tank 590 (L) × 270 (W) × 140 (H) mm,Effective Solder Level approx.70mm
Solder Weigh 25Kgs
Machine Size 1280 (L) × 800 (W) × 700 (H) mm
Machine Weight approx.310Kgs
Inner structure